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I am a historian and a teacher (high school and college adjunct) who lives in the South. Life is not always easy. Sometimes it is quite stressful. I find solace in God and my life as a Christian.

This blog is about my journey to come to terms with being gay and being Christian. Most of these posts come from my regular blog, The Closet Professor. On that blog, each Sunday, I post a Bible Study, or what some refer to it as a sermon. However, these are my personal Bible Studies and I invite you to study with me. This blog will feature those posts as well as a few posts and thoughts that I write or want to share about being a gay Christian. The posts original to this blog may eventually be posted on The Closet Professor. Whereas, on The Closet Professor, I post daily, I only plan to post on this blog once or twice a week: my usual Sunday post from The Closet Professor and whenever the mood strikes me otherwise.


  1. Prayer and Truth says:

    So nice to see another Gay Christians blog, I do hope you are well, im enjoying reading your blog 🙂

  2. David says:

    I am a gay Christian as well. I read your story and it would seem that we are two peas in a pod. I was so thankful that I found your blog. I would love to converse with you via email and or by telephone. I just moved to the Tampa Florida area. 2bad4u9072@gmail.com

  3. Lee says:

    I’m a gay Christian as well. I found this blog and have read parts of it, it’s a nice job. A lot of cutting and pasting of scripture though without reasoning of why you picked certain verses. But still well done.

    I guess the only thing I wish you would leave out are all the photos of half naked overly sexualized men. I think glamorizing this hollow sense of beauty of what is considered attractive is exactly what is destroying the gay culture of men from the inside. It’s literally the core driving factor of the lust that perpetuates the cycle. You are just adding to the machine. So many of the photos of the models are in relation to a bed in some way suggesting sex. It’s kind of a turn off to your purpose and negates your conversation a bit.

    Just an observation. Gods blessings

  4. Hey, I’m putting together a page on my blog with links to gay bloggers, mind if I include yours?
    I’m kind of trying to create a community of gay bloggers.

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